Cultural Events
Cultural festivals are organized to imbibe social interest and to promote enthusiasm and talents of students with events like Kavi Sammelan, Choreography, Fashion Show, Plays, Blood Donation Camp, Yoga Camp and many more.

Project Lab

In addition to classroom teaching for the overall development of the students and hands-on experience, a Diffusion Club has been created where innovative activities are planned and executed. Flow of such activities is as follows:
Exposure to software design simulation of electronic circuits using soft wares such as ORCAD, PSPICE etc.
Design a development of electronic circuits such as power supplies electronic choke digital clock etc.
Design fabrication of printed circuit boards (PCB)
In-depth training on development of Microcontroller-based systems
Computer assembling, repairing, networking etc.
Training in Embedded Systems design

Some of the innovative projects developed by the students are:
Automated bottling plant
Robotic arm
Smart home of home appliances through DTMT switching
Path-following Robot
Speech Recognition Robot
Moving message display
Microcontroller-based data acquisition system
Robotic Human hand, etc.

SIET College Amritsar always emphasized on the overall development of the students. In this direction, Annual Sports meet of the college is organized every year in which Students of all branches actively participate. It includes indoor and as well as outdoor Events (like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Athletics, Table Tennis, Carom etc). Winners of the respective events are facilitated with Medals and Trophies.

Technical Fest
A dynamic learning environment is promoted to enhance values, self-esteem, self-learning and inculcates freedom of thought and human values and concern for the society, infuses a sense of commitment leading towards competent and motivated engineering professionals.

Welcome to Student Clubs
Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm
Club provide students with the platform to pursue a college education not only in a traditional manner but providing a practical implementation of that…Ex: Academic Clubs
Student activities helps in promoting a stronger connection between the classroom and outside community …Eg : NGO Clubs
It involves building relationships built on common interests and is vital for academic success and overall student development
Clubs create a bond between student and the institution. It also promotes a collaborative learning experience by being mindful of individual student strengths and weaknesses and channeling these traits to transform a classroom from a passive receptor of information to an environment that promotes involvement and learning from all its members.

Objectives of the club:
To assist students in developing and enhancing their hidden talents.
To enhance the overall learning experience of the students both inside and outside the classroom.
To motivate students to involve themselves in various activities of their interest other than routine classroom teaching.
Responsibility to deliver a wide variety of programs and services that support and collaborate with Academic Affairs.

List of Clubs
Environment Club
Health And Sports Club
Literary Club
Social Service Club
Science Club
Singing And Dancing Club
Event Management Club
Photography Club